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Yes, You Can Get a Bicycle Ticket, Who Knew?

While riding a bicycle one of the last thing people may be thinking about is stopping at red lights and stop signs. However, bicycle riders are generally expected to follow local traffic laws that apply to motorists. In addition to following the local traffic laws there may be local provisions that require cyclists to wear helmets, rules against riding on sidewalks and rules against riding a bike while intoxicated.

Common bicycle rules include:

· Make Sure to Signal- Failure to properly signal could result in a traffic ticket. For a right turn you should extend your right hand straight out. For a left turn you bend your right arm upward 90 degrees. To signal you’re going to stop bend your right hand downwards at a 90 degrees

· You Need Lights and Reflectors- In almost every state bicycles are required to have red lights and reflectors on their back and white lights and reflectors on their front.

· No Riding on Sidewalks- In most states riding on sidewalks is illegal.

If you find yourself receiving a ticket for a bicycle violation you may need a traffic attorney to get your violation reduced or dismissed.

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