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  • by Eli Moore Westchester and New York City Traffic

Winter Alert: 13 Car Emergency Essentials

Dead batteries are a reality for far too many people during peak winter months. Even if you're a member of AAA (American Automobile Association), roadside assistance can be slow because of high demand. Be safe by stocking your car with the following emergency essentials. It can mean the difference between being stranded or arriving at your destination without aggravation.

1. Spare tire

2. Tire jack

3. Tire iron

4. Tire inflator and sealer (to help you plug a leak until you get to a car mechanic)

5. Jumper cables

6. Tire pressure gauge (By regularly checking that your tire pressure is correct, you'll extend the life of your tire, improve your fuel economy, and, possibly, prevent an accident due to a gradual flattening of your tire.)

7. First aid kit in case of a medical emergency.

8. Seat belt cutters and windows breakers can be the difference between life and death in a car crash.

9. Ice scraper (to help you get rid of ice on your windows that can obscure your visibility during winter driving)

10. Warm blankets

11. Record of your car registration (in case of a car accident)

12. Record of your car insurance (in case of a car accident)

13. The name and contact information for an expert traffic attorney (in case of a car accident)

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