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-Rocco A Turchiano

I was fortunate to have Eli Moore represent my son in two separate court appearances. I was extremely satisfied with his knowledge of the law and his professionalism. I will definitely use Eli again and recommend his services to anyone in need of legal assistance.

-Eric Green

Eli was great to work with. My traffic issue was promptly resolved and I didn’t even have to show up to court!

-Tasha Homyak

Eli Moore is a fantastic lawyer at an extremely reasonable price. He defended me in my DUI case and I was very delighted with the outcome. I would definitely recommend him.

I was referred to Eli Moore, for a traffic violation that occurred while driving through NY. Since I was not a resident of NY, I was apprehensive about using an attorney in that State. Recalling my first conversation with him, he was very easy to talk with and put my mind at rest right away. Mr. Moore was very responsive to all of my questions, explained all that I needed to know regarding the proceedings, and gave me specific instructions as to my responsibilities. Since I was out-of-state, he attended the court hearing for me. Immediately following the hearing, he emailed me and told me the outcome. I was very pleased with the reduction of the penalty he was able to negotiate. I wouldn’t hesitate to use or recommend Mr. Moore in the future.

-Vicki T of Delaware

Eli Moore was a pleasure to work with. He represented me twice for traffic violations and was extremely accommodating and helpful. I would recommend Eli and his firm to anyone needing representation. Thanks again!

-Brian S

Mr. Eli Moore so successfully and expertly handled my case in traffic court where I needed to change my plea from "not gullty," to "guilty," before the judge. Mr. Moore did such a great job in this complicated case that my fine ended up being lower than the one I started with, and leaving me a clean record to boot! Mr. Moore rescued me from a tough situation, and I would most definitely recommend him to all family and friends.

-Dorothy Yeamans

I was referred to Eli when I needed to clear up a traffic ticket. He was courteous and agreed to appear in court for me on short notice without hesitation. He was able to clear up the ticket for me with no fine, I would do business with him again, and would recommend him highly.

-Edwin R
-Jeffrey K

Eli Moore was instrumental in having my ticket for a driving violation (illegal turn) dismissed. He guided me in the court process and because of his effective cross-examination of the police officer, the judge dismissed the ticket.

I was quite distressed to get a ticket for getting too close to pedestrians in NYC as I felt the charge was untrue. Eli questioned the officer and pleaded my case to the judge. This resulted in the violation being significantly downgraded to a no point, relatively small out-of-pocket ticket. I would definitely use Eli Moore again in the unfortunate event of a traffic violation.

-Sharon M
-Marcelo Q

Mr. Moore's expertise and demeanor were very helpful in what was an uncomfortable traffic incident. I highly recommended his services.

Mr. Moore was very knowledgeable and honest with regard to the potential outcomes of my case, he also made sure to keep the channel of communication open through all phases of the process. I would strongly recommend Eli Moore for legal counsel.


I highly recommend Mr. Moore. His experience and confidence were very reassuring. He was knowledgeable, professional and always available as my legal representative.

-J. Lebovic
-Felicia Desanto

I have a Legal plan at my job, Eli Moore was a participating Lawyer under the plan, I gave him two separate issues, and it was effortless. Mr. Moore took care of both issues and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I will definitely be using his services again.

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