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Changing Your Name on Your Driver's License After Marriage or Divorce

If you have recently gotten married or are planning to do so soon--or, you and your spouse are getting divorced--you may be wondering how to change your name on your driver's license. Here is some step-by-step advice:

1. When you're applying for your marriage license, order several copies to have on hand as you go through the following process. if you were recently divorced, then be sure to have copies of your divorce documents.

2. Go to the Social Security Administration office before you head over to the DMV. Obtaining a new social security card that matches you new name with your social security number will be helpful when you go to the DMV's office.

3. Bring the following paperwork to the DMV's office:

  • a completed Application for Permit, Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card (pdf) (MV-44)

  • your current license, permit or non-driver ID, or at least 6 points of proof of identity and proof of date of birth

  • an original or a certified copy of your U.S. marriage certificate, U.S. divorce documents or other court papers for a change of name issued in the U.S.

4. Keep in mind that when you change your name on your driver license, you must update your photo.

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