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  • by Eli Moore Westchester and New York City Traffic

What Your Teen Driver Needs to Know This Holiday Season

teen drivers

It's nerve-wracking enough to have your teenager start driving. It is especially worrisome during the holiday season when car accidents are more prevalent. Yes, your teen may accuse you of being a nag but take the time for a chat and remind him or her of these cautions:

1. Follow speed limits. There are more drivers on the road, more pedestrians in the streets, and more police and highway patrols on the alert during the holiday season. Don't speed and stay alert.

2. Turn off your cellphone. A 2017 study found that drivers had been on their phones in 52% of car wrecks. Texting, browsing, social media, and email are not activities that should be done while driving. Eating, drinking, and reaching for objects can also be distracting. It takes just a second to end up in a car accident. Keep focused.

3. Don't drink and drive. New York State is cracking down on impaired driving during the holidays--and for good reason: it's dangerous! It is also legally risky. DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) is a criminal charge. Make sure your teen plans ahead before holiday celebrations to ensure that someone is agrees to staying sober and being the designated driver. Using public transportation or calling Uber or Lyft after get-togethers that involve alcohol are other options.

4. Be polite if stopped by police. Be sure to follow police orders if you are stopped and given a ticket. You can defend yourself in traffic court or have an experienced attorney do so later. You don't want to exacerbate a situation that is already do so later. You don't want to exacerbate a situation that is already delicate.

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