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  • by Eli Moore, Westchester County Traffic Attorney

Was Your Car Towed? Here's What to Do

​​If your car gets towed you need to immediately take the following steps:

1. Take photos of the parking signs on the street where you had left your car. An experienced traffic attorney may be able to fight your ticket if any signs or notices that prohibited or restricted parking were removed or obscured. Also, if the curb should have been painted yellow in a no-parking zone and the yellow paint ended before the space where you parked your car, take a picture of the curb so you can later describe in traffic court exactly where your car was parked in relation to the yellow line.

2. Ask storeowners and others on the street if they were witness to your car being towed. You may find that nearby store owners or people who reside in the area agree with you that you didn't deserve the ticket because the No Parking or Restricted Parking sign was obscured. Be sure to write down their names and phone numbers so they can be called to testify on your behalf at a traffic court hearing.

3. Get your car back. Call the number located on the nearby tow sign or call the local police to find out where your car was towed. When you pick up your car do not be rude to the attendant, as you may be on camera. Even if you have any cause to fight the tow, do not delay picking up your towed car since the fees will increase the longer your car is held in storage.

4. Once your car is back in your possession, contact an experienced traffic attorney. He or she can tell you if you have a defensible case that your car was wrongfully towed. If so, an attorney can fight to get your parking ticket diismissed and a refund on the towing fees.

Eli Moore is a Westchester County and New York City attorney with expertise in traffic law and criminal defense. Learn more at For a free consultation, write: or call:(914) 523-5552. You can follow Eli on Facebook: EliMooreTrafficandCriminalAttorney and on Twitter: @EliMooreLaw.

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