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  • by Eli Moore Westchester and New York City Traffic


Bike share programs in Westchester and New York City have led to many more summonses being dispensed for cycling violations. Riding on city sidewalks, not stopping at red lights and stop signs, riding at excessive speed, and not riding on the right hand side of the road, are some of the offenses that can lead to getting a traffic ticket when biking. To dissuade cyclists from committing these illegal behaviors, White Plains is expected to soon raise the fine for cycling violations from $10 to $100.

Of course, most people think of riding a bicycle as helping the environment—it reduces pollution and car traffic. And, of course, bike riding is great for health and fitness. What many bike riders don't realize is that they are expected to follow the same local traffic laws that apply to motorists. And in addition to following the local traffic laws, there may be local provisions that require cyclists to wear helmets and rules against riding a bike while intoxicated.

To avoid getting a traffic ticket while bike riding:

  • Make Sure to Signal. Failure to properly signal could result in a traffic ticket. For a right turn, extend your right hand straight out. For a left turn bend your right arm upward 90 degrees. To signal you’re going to stop, bend your right hand downwards at 90 degrees.

  • Use Lights and Reflectors. In almost every state bicycles are required to have red lights and reflectors on their back and white lights and reflectors on their front.

  • Do Not Ride on Sidewalks. In most states, riding on sidewalks is illegal.

  • Do Not Bike Ride While Intoxicated!

If you find you get a ticket for a bicycle violation, you may need an experienced traffic attorney to get your points and penalties reduced or eliminated. If you live in Westchester County or New York City, please contact Eli Moore at for a free consultation. Learn more about Mr. Moore's expertise at

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