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Drive Safely This Super Bowl Sunday

By New York Traffic Attorney Eli Moore

Drive Safely Super Bowl Sunday

What's your game plan to avoid drunk driving and drunk drivers this Super Bowl Sunday? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), alcohol-impaired traffic fatalities often spike on popular drinking days like Super Bowl Sunday. If you're planning to get together with friends or family be sure you:

  • Assign a designated driver who commits to not drinking before you head to the gathering, use Uber, Lyft, a car service, or taxi to get to and from your destination, or opt for public transportation.

  • Lower your blood alcohol level before you get in the car, if you are driving. Be sure to eat, hydrate, and wait at least an hour or two after you've had a drink so that your body can process the alcohol before you drive. Keep in mind this is not a guaranteed method to ensure your alcohol level is below the legal limit after you have had a drink (or any illegal substance). Once again the safest plan is arranging not to drive.

  • Pay special attention to traffic rules, even if you have not been drinking. Other people on the road may have been drinking, are likely to be tired, and may be distracted.

If you are arrested for a DWI, seek professional help from a traffic attorney right away. Failure to get adequate legal representation after a DWI could lead to a suspended license or even jail time. If you live in Westchester County or New York City, contact top traffic attorney Eli Moore at Learn more at


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