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So you got a ticket for a moving traffic violation (e.g. speeding, cell phone use, stop sign, etc.) and you forgot about it or chose to ignore it. NOT A GOOD IDEA!! Choosing to ignore the ticket or forgetting to respond as indicated on the back will result in a default conviction and your drivers license will be indefinitely suspended. In addition to paying the fines, you will be required to pay a $70 suspension termination fee. Driving while your license is suspended could result in criminal charges with additional fines , jail, probation, or confiscation of your vehicle.

If you have rectified the situation and paid the ticket and the termination fee, I advise that you go to http://dmv.ny.gov/mydmv/mydmv and create a "my dmv" account to check whether the suspension has been lifted before driving.

This is a perfect example of how small issues can turn into huge issues.

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