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New York State Traffic Law: Violations for Which You Won't be Assigned Points

All drivers should be aware of what violations will be assigned those dreaded points, which can lead to pricey penalties, increased car insurance rates, and, if amassed to 11 points, license suspension or revocation. For that information, please check out my blog post "How the NYS Driver Point System Works." What many people don't realize is that there are some violations for which you will need to pay a fee in traffic court but you won't receive points.

Violations for which you won't receive points in New York State are:

  • Camera ticket violations

  • Bicycle violations

  • Pedestrian violations

  • Parking violations

  • Violations related to unregistered, unlicensed, or uninsured operation

  • Violations related to motor vehicle inspection, vehicle weights or dimensions or vehicle equipment other than inadequate service brakes

  • Violations related to a business or the sale of goods established in the Vehicle and Traffic Law or any local law

  • Violations related to the improper use of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes in Suffolk County, between exits 49 and 57 of the Long Island Expressway

  • Other violations not resulting from the operation of a motor vehicle

Whenever you receive a summons from a traffic cop, It is always wise to consult a traffic lawyer before pleading guilty. If you live in Westchester County or New York City , please contact top Westchester and New York City traffic lawyer Eli Moore for a free consultation at 914-523-5552 or Learn more about Eli at


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