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  • by Eli Moore Traffic Attorney

DON'T Have Your Driver's License Suspended or Revoked: What you need to know

driver's license suspended or revoked

My clients are inevitably shocked, dismayed, and frustrated when they have their driver's licenses suspended.

The most common reasons for getting a definite suspension order in New York State are:

  • not having automobile liability insurance

  • having a conviction for an alcohol or drugged driving charge

  • having received multiple traffic violations, totaling 11 points within an 18-month period

  • not following the rules for junior drivers

The reasons for receiving an indefinite suspension order in New York State include:

  • having not answered a traffic ticket

  • having not paid a traffic ticket fine

  • having not filed a motor vehicle accident report

  • having not paid for child support

  • having unpaid New York State tax debts

Of course, the first question, my clients ask is: how soon can I get my driver's license reinstated? The answer is, it depends:

If you receive a definite suspension order, you will be informed how long your suspension period will last and when that period ends and you pay a termination fee, you'll be able to legally drive again.

If you get an indefinite suspension order, there are specific steps you'll need to take to remove the suspension.

Even more serious than having your driver's license suspended is having it revoked. If your license is revoked, you must request approval from the DMV for a new license when the revocation period is over. In some cases you'll need to take the written driving tests again, pay a license reapplication fee, and or pay a driver civil penalty fee.

Some of the reasons your driver's license may be revoked in New York State are:

  • operating a vehicle without insurance

  • failing a DMV road test

  • making a false statement on a license or registration application

  • driving in a motor vehicle crash that involved a fatality

If you have had your driver's license suspended or revoked in New York State, or are fearful that you are in danger of having your license suspended or revoked because of past traffic charges, write top New York City and Westchester traffic attorney Eli Moore at or call him at (914) 523-5552. Learn more about Eli Moore's expertise and experience at

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