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  • by Eli Moore Westchester and New York City Traffic

Traffic Tickets for Double Parking

Double parking sign in New York City

Many parents assume that it's perfectly okay to double park outside a school when running inside to drop off or pick up their children at the beginning or end of the day. And so many were surprised last year when media reported that parents had received $100 tickets for double parking outside William Ward Elementary School in New Rochelle (

While you may consider double parking a harmless habit, it is, in fact, illegal to double park at all times. The purpose of this law is to prevent a dangerous, congested traffic situation.

Here are other common misconceptions about double parking:

1. If you live in Manhattan or other New York City boroughs, you may assume that it's legal for you to double park when street cleaning is taking place. Wrong!

2. You may assume that if you're sitting in your car and the car is running, you can't receive a ticket for double parking. Wrong!

3. You may imagine that double parking while you are unloading property or waiting for a passenger in New York City is okay. Wrong again!

The penalty for double parking in New York City is $115. And the fee for double parking in Westchester can be $100. How can you avoid paying these high fees?

*Take the time to look for a legal parking spot.

*Opt for parking in a garage. There are plenty of discount coupons available for New York City parking garages. Just do your research in advance and print out the discount coupons before you leave your home or office. You can also reserve a garage spot in advance by using the SpotHero app or logging on to

*Brush up on New York State rules about parking and stopping:

*If you do get a ticket for double parking, contact an experienced traffic attorney. There are several defenses that can be used in appropriate circumstances that may reduce or eliminate your penalty.

Eli Moore is Westchester and New York City's top traffic attorney. For a free consultation, write him at or call (914) 523-5552.

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