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Traffic Court Plea

If you end up going to traffic court for a traffic violation you will be faced with several options as tp how to plead. It can be hard to understand the ramifications of how you plead so it is important to hire a competent traffic attorney to represent you. Below is a list of different pleas that may be made in traffic court.

· Pay a Fine: is equivalent to entering a guilty plea and the offense will show up on your driving record. This means if you already have one offense your insurance premiums will likely rise and if you have several violations you could face license suspension With the help of a traffic lawyer you may be able to avoid paying a fine which in the long run could save you hundreds of dollars on insurance premiums.

· Plead guilty with an explanation: If you do not have a valid defense you may think that pleading guilty with an explanation may get the judge to dismiss or reduce any fines or penalties. In the majority of cases this will not work and you will end up with a driving violation on your record and increased insurance premiums.

· Plead not guilty: In many cases pleading not guilty is the recommended plea which results in a court hearing. At that point you will go before a judge who will decide on your guilt or innocence.

If all these different pleas sound daunting, it is likely you did not go to law school. If you have more than one recent traffic violation it will likely pay to hire a professional traffic attorney to get your traffic violation reduced or dismissed. Remember you are not just paying the lawyer to defend you. In most cases he can do all the legwork for you so you do not have to miss work or worry about making a mistake in traffic court that could cost you more time and money.

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