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Safe Driving Tips For Staying Safe This Summer

Most people think the winter is the most dangerous time of the year for driving because of snow and ice but the summer comes with its own dangers. In fact, the most dangerous time to drive is actually August. In order, to stay safe it is important to understand what makes summer months so dangerous so that you can protect yourself and your family. The first factor that increases the danger of summer driving is that there are more teens on the road. Since school is out teenagers, the riskiest drivers,are more likely to be on the road during the day so be alert and drive defensively. Another factor that makes summer driving so dangerous is congestion due to vacationing drivers. If you live near a tourist location like NYC then your normal driving route may be flocked by tourists who are using unfamiliar roads where they may can get easily lost.

Be patient with these drivers as they may drive slowly and often stop short. Another factor that increases driving danger in the summer months is the heat which can cause the pressure in your tires to increase and eventually blow your tires out whiles you are driving. Make sure your tires are not worn out or overfilled. In addition, summer means more construction and more bicycles on the road. Make sure to be patient and slow down for both cyclist and construction workers as there are hundreds of fatalities from drivers that strike cyclists and construction workers each year.

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