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Great Smartphone Driving Apps

Today there are phone applications that can order you lunch, book you a flight and do everything in between. These applications were created to make your life easier and there are several apps that can make your life as a driver much easier. Below are driving apps that are meant to improve your driving experience by helping you save some money. For the full list see popular mechanics.

  • iGasUp ($0.99)

  • This app displays the 10 nearest gas stations and their prices. The app’s developers claim they have 110,000 gas stations in their database.

  • My Max Speed 2.0 ($4.99)

  • This app is intended to be used to monitor teen drivers and record driving speeds which can be used to fight speeding tickets.

  • GreenMeter ($5.99)

  • This app helps users change your driving style in order to get the best fuel economy. It uses the accelerometer in an iphone or ipod touch to calculate energy costs, oil consumption and carbon dioxide output.

There is currently no phone application that can appear in traffic court and defend you against a speeding ticket or traffic violation. If you find yourself facing a speeding ticket don’t hesitate to contact an experienced traffic lawyer.

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