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Get the most Gas Mileage out of your Car

Gas prices have seen a recent fall and rise in price. While gas is not at its all-time high of $8 a gallon (Alaska Gasoline Pricing) gas still accounts for a sizable expenditure for most drivers. According to Consumer Reports there are several driving tips that can help you make every gallon of gas go a little further saving you money in the long run.

· Drive at a Moderate Speed: The faster you drive the more aerodynamic drag your car has which means it will take more fuel to power your car through the air. Driving at 55 mph instead of at 65 or 75 mph will keep aerodynamic pressure down. · Avoid Stop and Go Driving: Frequent breaks and acceleration lead to a higher mpg so try to drive smoothly, especially on the highway. · Reduce Drag: Bike racks and rooftop carriers increase aerodynamic pressure and can reduce your mpg by 35% so when possible avoid using these types of external storage devices when driving. · Avoid Driving with a Cold Engine: Cold engines use more gas so during the winter when possible combine short trips into longer ones. These simple driving tips can help you save money on gas. To save money on your car insurance premiums make sure you hire a traffic attorney if you get a traffic ticket or if you’re involved in a traffic violation. Failure to use a traffic lawyer who can help get the ticket dismissed or the fine lowered could mean higher insurance premiums in the future.

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