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Safeguard Your Car against Break-ins

CNN reports that each year there are about 1.85 million vehicle break-ins where an estimated value of over 1.2 billion dollars in personal items and accessories are stolen. This staggering number of break-ins does not even include attempted break-ins. While it is impossible to ensure that no one will ever try to break into your car unless you have 24 hour guards, there are several tips that can make your car less of a target for car thieves.

· Lock Your Car Doors: Locking your car door seems like obvious advice, yet 25% of car break-ins occur when owners leave their car door open. So whether you leaving your car for 30 seconds or 30 minutes you need to make sure your car is locked. This includes making sure your windows are completely closed and your sunroof is locked.

· Keep your car clean: Shopping bags, boxes or cheap personal items can seem like easy pickings to thieves. Owners of cars with trunk windows also need to be vigilant that they either have a trunk cover or they do not store items in their trunk that thieves may find tempting.

· Hide Your Stuff Before You Park: Make sure to put away all phone accessories and electronics before you park. Do not leave charging plugs out or a GPS mount on your dashboards as would be thieves may see these items and think there are electronics to steal in your car.

· Park Smart: It is best to park in a well-lit busy area. Try not to park where the view of your car can be concealed by larger cars or trees. If there is a greater chance that a thief could be spotted he may not attempt to break into your car.

No one can ever prevent all car break-ins but staying vigilant and following these tips can lower your risk of falling victim to car break-ins.

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