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Tools To Help You Determine If You’re Legally Drunk

While most people know when they are way too drunk to drive, it may be unclear to most when they just meet the cutoff to being legally drunk. Currently individuals cannot legally operate a car with a blood alcohol level of .08% or higher. However the national transportation board has recommended that the legal blood alcohol level be reduced to below .05% which could make it harder for people to know when they have had too much to drink before they drive. In order to avoid potentially driving drunk, the following are several suggestions of tools that you can use to ensure that you know when your blood alcohol level is too high to drive.

Blood Alcohol Calculators- You can use blood alcohol calculators like that can estimate how many drinks you can consume before your blood alcohol levels goes above the legal limit.

Hand-held breathalyzers- You can buy handheld breathalyzers that range from $4 to over $200. The cheaper ones can give out inconsistent readings while the more expensive ones can precisely measure the alcohol in your breath.

Apps/Device for your phone- There are also smaller devices with apps that will be available in the future which will enable you to connect these devices into your phone (e.g. Breathometer or alcohoot). These devices will track how your body reacts to alcohol giving you better estimates of your blood alcohol level over time.

If you do find yourself being charged with drunk driving you need an attorney who specializes in drunk driving defense. Drunk driving can lead to steep penalties and you need an expert attorney in order to properly defend yourself and minimize penalties.

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