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  • by Eli Moore, Westchester County Traffic Attorney

Don't Let Your Driving Record Derail Your Dreams


Like many people, you may think it's no big deal when you get a traffic ticket. The idea of fighting it may seem too time-consuming, too costly, or too futile. Just paying up may seem a lot simpler than taking time off from work to go to traffic court and a lot less expensive than hiring a traffic lawyer to fight your ticket.

But getting a speeding ticket isn't just a matter of paying a costly fine. It only takes a few tickets to start adding points to your DMV record and to create a problematic driving history. (See " How Long Do Points Stay on Your Driving License?"— What you may not be taking into account is that many prospective employers run a background check—and some colleges do as well before accepting applicants as students. If a potential employer or university sees a record of traffic tickets, it suggests to them that you're unreliable, a risk taker, or unlikely to respect rules and authority. That can be a devastating and very unnecessary hindrance to achieving your lifelong goals. And if you amass enough points on your DMV record, your driving license will be suspended—which can create massive problems commuting to work or school or prevent you from working at a job that requires driving.

Yes, it does cost money to hire an experienced traffic attorney. But the benefits are worthwhile. First of all, there are many traffic tickets for which you may have a valid defense. For instance, as you can read in my post "Best Ways to Fight a Red Light Camera Ticket" (, there are approaches and circumstances that enable a lawyer to successfully argue against a red light camera violation. Similarly, as you can see from my article "5 Ways to Fight DWI/DUI Charges," (, being charged with driving while intoxicated does not have to automatically lead to a guilty conviction. An experienced attorney can help defend you against the charge and free you from expensive DMV penalties, repercussions on your DMV record, and increases on your car insurance premiums.

Hiring a lawyer and fighting your traffic tickets will almost always save you costly traffic court fines, pricey increases on your car insurance, and prevent you from being rejected from job posts and college admissions of which you'd dreamed. If you've received a traffic ticket in Westchester County or the Bronx and want to consider your options, call traffic attorney Eli Moore at (914) 523-5552 or email him at for a free phone consultation.

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