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  • by Eli Moore, Westchester County Traffic Attorney

Drive Safely This Spring!

Drive Safe This Spring

Most of us are aware of the risks of winter driving. We drive carefully on icy roads and hilly surfaces, avoid driving in bad snowstorms, and keep an extra blanket or two in the car in case of any emergencies in which we'll be freezing cold.

Rarely, though, do we think about driving dangers that are specific to spring. Here's why you need to drive cautiously in the spring:

1. There are more pedestrians are on the streets. Warmer weather brings people out of their winter hibernation. Unfortunately, many pedestrians, while enjoying the nice weather, are also busy texting and talking on their cellphones while walking. And runners are often listening to music on their earbuds and fail to hear when someone is honking at them. Just like you need to be careful about distracted drivers, so too, do you need to be aware that many pedestrians are distracted. Be especially cautious at crossroads, as distracted pedestrians may be walking against the red light.

2. There are bicycle and motorcycle riders on the road. They can seemingly come out of nowhere. Watch your blind spots. Give yourself plenty of space if you are driving behind a bike or motorcycle rider. Stay alert to avoid an accident.

3. Winter weather leaves its mark on the road with plenty of big potholes. Drive slowly so you can navigate potholes gently and not cause damage to your car or to anyone on the road. Don't swerve your car to avoid a pothole or you can increase the chance of hitting another car.

4. Wildlife comes out in the spring. If you live in a suburban or rural area, you may spot deer, especially at dawn and dusk, people riding horses from a nearby stable, or other animals. Being focused is the key to avoiding accidents.

5. There's more road construction in the spring. Commercial construction can create traffic havoc, with cars being rerouted and delays. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination so you can stay calm when facing these traffic obstacles.

6. Spring showers can start suddenly. Be sure your wipers and brakes are always in good working condition. Drive slowly or pull into a mall parking lot when torrential rain starts coming down. Spring showers typically start suddenly and end quickly. If you click on the radar button on your weather app, you'll be able to check how long the storm will stay in your area and in which direction it's traveling.

If you get a traffic ticket in Westchester County or New York City, contact me at (914) 523-5552 for a free consultation. I have many years of proven experience and will help keep your driving record clean and your car insurance rates low. I'll also save you time and money by appearing and fighting in traffic court for you.

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